YouData – not a lot of money – but it's easy!

This is another super easy way to make a little bit of money. It takes me less than 5 minutes a week and I’ve made close to $10. I’m not going to get rich with this program but it is so easy, I can’t pass it up.


Here’s how it works.

  • Sign up here
  • You must have a paypal account and use the same email address that is associated with your paypal account when you register
  • When you sign up, you must give a cell phone number that can receive a text message. They will instantly send you a confirmation code on that cell phone and you will enter it to authorize your account.
  • You will get paid to your paypal account automatically every Friday whether you have .14 of earnings or $3.00.
  • You do NOT have to download anything – if you want to use their toolbar, you can but I don’t like to download extra stuff)
  • Create your mefile (This is a series of questions – you can answer as many or as few as you want). The more you answer, the more ads you’ll get to view.
  • Then click "Adgets"
  • I only check 1 or 2 times a week. There aren’t usually very many and it’s not worth going there very often.
  • You get paid every Friday.  The money just appears in your paypal account on its own.  Whether its .11 or $1.01, they just move the money to your account!

If you have questions about the site, feel free to email me. I just made .32 for my ‘payday’ last week. True – that’s not much. But I love seeing my paypal account get padded little by little so it will have a balance when I need to buy something small on ebay etc.