WIN a $50 Teavana Gift Card {ends 7/14}

Summertime Teavana Gift Card GiveawayIf you didn’t already realize it…its officially summer now! So lets bring on the iced coffee and tea shall we? Honestly I don’t think there is anything better then sitting back on a sunny day, sipping a cool drink and a good book on your lap. Well…except winning a $50 Teavana gift card to PUT that cold Teavana or Starbucks drink in your hand!

© Rachel Hull

So enter today to WIN a $50 Teavana gift card below! Giveaway is open 18+, Worldwide. And if you do happen to need that new book for your coffee table, then let me suggest what’s new on my bookshelf. Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody by Melody Overton. Available in both paperback and on your Kindle, its sure to give the Starbucks lover as much delight as what’s in your cup.


  1. courtney hennagir says

    Nah,I don’t think so.There are too many people like myself who love the feel of an actual book.

  2. Andrea Williams says

    I don’t think printed books will be totally obsolete, but I do think sales will fall dramatically.

  3. April Gray says

    I hope not! There’s something about having an actual book…and looking at your full bookshelf when wanting to read. I love books!

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