What is a ‘blinkie’?

A few new readers have been asking a few questions about coupon jargon, so this is for those new coupon users……

A Blinkie is a coupon printer/dispenser in the stores.   It is a manufacturer coupon which means you can use it at any store – not just the store where you find the coupon.

Blinkie etiquette….. This is purely my opinion here.  I only take a few of the blinkie coupons.

The reason I am so careful about taking too many of these coupons is that I don’t want to wipe out your chances of getting savings too.

What about you? Do you have a magic number of blinkies you will take? or do you feel like it’s just free pickings? I’d love to hear!


  1. Heather says

    I think 3 is definitely within reason…what made want to explode was when I was in kroger 2 weeks ago…I saw $1 off coupon on the stay free Pads( on the actual product). I returned later that day and saw that someone had removed every single coupon off each product without buying it. I feel that is crossing the line and obnoxious!

    • SharonW says

      I completely agree Heather! When we were buying diapers a while back, Kroger Comforts diapers had $3.00 peelies (or the coupons on the packages). Someone came in and took every coupon off the packages – not cool! I understand taking 2 – maybe even 3, but more than that and it’s really ridiculous. Thanks for mentioning the peelies. Look for that post in a day or two lol :-)

  2. Kayelynn says

    2 or 3 is Fine I think as well. I had to be rude to a lady at walmart today ! I was casually just checking prices in the frozen food isle and I seen this lady peeling off all the Peelies on some frozen veggies.I watched her a few min and then I just turned around and said . You know those are put on there to Help everyone try to save a few dollars its not really fair if one person is peeling them all off and others are missing out ! She was shocked to say the least.Then she seen my Walmart apron and shut the freezer fast and took off. Maybe I scared her into not doing it anymore…


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