Way to Go! KFC Danville

When a company or a restaurant steps up and goes one step further than they have to, they deserve a public thanks! Last weekend, my family picked up a family bucket of chicken at our local KFC restaurant. When we got home, we realized that we hadn’t been given the family box of potato wedges that we had ordered.

The next day when I was out running errands, I stopped by and mentioned this to the store manager who instantly apologized and offered to give them to me then. He went a step further and offered me a drink while I waited and an extra side of chicken strips as a way to make it up to us.

Now it wasn’t really a big deal. We love KFC and the food at our local store is always fresh and hot. I would have continued to shop there even if the manager had not replaced the missing order. But because he went the extra step with great customer service, I’m more motivated than ever to choose his restaurant.

Did you know that you can get printable KFC coupons and sign up for the KFC email club to get periodic promotional emails? Just one more way to save money in real life!


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    We had a similar experience with KFC, not happy when we got home and all the white meat was not there. Called, and the next time we went our order $30 was free! Now that is good customer service…wish more were like that!

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