Use what you have – Christmas ideas!

I am a huge believer of using the stuff I have to create Christmas presents. 

One year, many of my family members got gift packs with Glade candles and sprays because that was an item I had gotten for free.

2 years ago, all my child’s teachers and many of our family/friends got little jars of flower seeds.  Our wildflowers had done really well and I saved the seeds.  I found little jars at yard sales and good will  = perfect gifts!

What are your plans for Christmas presents?  Do you put together gift packs based on your surplus?


  1. MeganL says

    I have always given essential baskets to family .. food, or other essentials and since this year I have started couponing I will have some of my surplus to put in my baskets and make it cheaper on me :)

  2. Trish Hundley says

    I have done that in the past but this year I decided to see just how full I could get a reusable shopping bag of free after coupon items for my brother mom and dad :) I think I have had the most fun out of that than any type of shopping this year lol just wish I had decided to do it a few monthes earlier than September 😉 I love doing this type of stuff for people that appericate that kind of stuff 😉 Have a great CHRISTmas :)

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