6 Tips for Saving Money on Airfare

Whether your flight is for business or pleasure, air travel can be pretty pricey; however, there are a few tips and tricks to keep your wallet from flying away with your plane.  You just need to know the ins and outs of saving money on airfare.

Tips & tricks to save money on air travel

Saving money on airfare

Tip #1

First, be flexible.  Flying on Fridays and Sundays is the most expensive.  Airlines charge extra for convenience.  If you can take Friday off and fly out on Thursday, you’ll pay less.  Come home on Monday instead of Sunday, and you’ll be even better off.  There is an exception to this rule.  Holidays that fall on Mondays are more expensive, like Columbus Day, because many people have that day off of work and are flying.   You’re better off coming home on a Tuesday or Wednesday in that case.

Tip #2

Buy your tickets on a Tuesday.  For whatever reason, people tend to not buy airline tickets on Tuesdays.  Because there is less volume, the airlines charge less that day.  Obviously, as more people catch on to this little trick, the volume will go up and the best day to buy airfare may change, but in the meantime, cash in on it while you can.

Tip #3

Book ahead.  If you know you fly for the holidays every year, you’ll get a better rate if you buy next year’s tickets as soon as you can – at least six months in advance.  The laws of supply and demand determine how much you’ll pay in this scenario.  The closer you get to your travel date, the higher the demand for that date will be.  A quick visit to Jet Blue’s website shows that they are booking into June 2014 at the moment.

Tip #4

Fly very early or very late.   Does it stink to be at the airport at 4am?  Absolutely.  That’s why very few do it.  It’s also why you’ll save money by flying out at that time.  Again, supply and demand applies here.  Because very few passengers want to get up and get to the airport at that hour, the airlines charge less just to get the seats filled.  An added bonus to this is that the airport will be less crowded.

Tip #5

Be prepared to take a flight with a layover.  A non-stop flight to your destination is usually more expensive than a layover flight.   Certainly it’s more inconvenient, especially if you have children, but airlines know this and they make you pay for convenience.

Tip #6

Book your flight directly from the airline.  Going to the airline’s website rather than a travel booking site will save you on the fees the booking agent gets.

Here are some other travel saving tips:

Do you have any other money saving travel tips you can share?  I’d love to hear them!

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