The Brave Book Review

One of the great things about blogging is the opportunity to review a wide genre of books. Recently I received a copy of Brave, The: Conquering the Fears That Hold You Back from Revell Books.

About the Book
The teen years are full of fears big and small. Teens are afraid to be themselves, afraid of being left out, afraid of being alone, and afraid of being lost in the crowd. They crave attention and acceptance and spend much of their time reacting to the fear of not fitting in.

Bestselling authors Hayley and Michael DiMarco help teens embrace being the “me” they’re supposed to be, regardless of the expectations or criticisms of others. They offer teens “five smooth stones” they can use to slay the fear, shyness, and other giants in their lives. Perfect for any teen, both the “confident” and the “shy.”

About the author
Hayley DiMarco is the founder of Hungry Planet, where she writes and creates cutting-edge books that connect with the multitasking mind-set. She has written and cowritten numerous bestselling books for both teens and adults, including Dateable, Mean Girls, Sexy Girls, B4UD8, God Girl, and the God Girl Bible.

Michael DiMarco is the CEO of Hungry Planet and has written or cowritten a number of books, including Marriable, God Guy, B4UD8, and Almost Sex.

My opinion
The word Brave is not the first word I use when I think about teenagers and their feelings toward their world. There are so many things to be afraid of in life, in school and in teenage relationships. There are natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, and relationship landmines at every turn. There are many legitimate reasons to be afraid and to not be brave.

The key to being brave is knowing what to fear and what not to fear, and then having the knowledge of how to deal with those emotions. This book is an honest approach to facing fears and filtering out the good and bad emotions.

There are Bible verses referenced on every page and practical advice given in each chapter.

This would be a great small group book to start conversations and get teens talking about their fears and how to overcome them.

You can buy Brave, The: Conquering the Fears That Hold You Back from Amazon or request that your local church library add this to their collection.

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.


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