Take your coupons on the road!

I took a road trip recently and decided I would take time off from coupons.  That was a great decision till we needed to grab a bite to eat at McDonalds.  Guess where all my Mcd’s coupons were?  At home!  That meant that I paid twice the money I would have paid if I had taken my restaurants coupons with me. 

Lesson learned!  Even if I decide to take the time off from regular coupons when I travel, from now on I will always have my restaurant coupons in the car! 

What about you?  When you travel do you carry your coupons with you?


  1. Stephanie Luttrell says

    YES!!, when I went to Hopkinsville in July, I took them with me and when we go to Pigeon Forge, I always take them, and our restuarant coupons go straight in the car so we always have them.

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