Savings on both sides of the counter

Recently I was waiting in a line at the post office. I observed one of the postal workers offer a tip to a customer on how to save money on their package.

Earlier this week as I was checking out of CVS the clerk asked me if I had any Huggies coupons. She needed to buy some wipes for her granddaughter.

A few weeks ago I was checking out at a Walgreens and the lady at the cash register pulled out her stash of coupons and gave me 2 coupons that allowed me to save $2.00!

Here’s what I am learning from experiences like this:

I love saving money from the purchasing side of the check out counter. But the clerks are also looking for ways to save money.

Sometimes all it takes to find a savings opportunity is to smile and take the time to actually talk to the person behind the counter. Both of us will benefit from the polite chit-chat and smiles and maybe we’ll both save some money!


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