Save Money by Doing Things Differently in the Kitchen

Tips for saving money and energy in the kitchen

If you finally decide you are paying too much in electricity you will need to find a few ways to save money. One of the best places you can get started is in the kitchen, because you may be doing a few things that are burning a hole in your pocket. Take a look at these tips to help you save money…

Let the air do all the work

You don’t have to keep your dishes inside the dishwasher after they have been washed. You can take them out and let them dry naturally. Your machine actually uses more energy to dry the dishes than it does to wash them. If you don’t have an air-dry switch you will need to open the door after the last cycle to let the moisture out.

Choose your dishwasher wisely

If you don’t have a dishwasher at the moment but you’re thinking about getting one you will want to get a dishwasher that allows you to use short cycles and fewer rinses. This means your dishes will still be cleaned, but you won’t use as much energy.

‘Goldilocks’ your dishwasher

What does this mean? I’m sure you already realize that if you put too little in the dishwasher you are wasting water and electricity. However, did you know that you can overload your dishwasher? If you put too many items in, some things might not get washed properly and you will have to leave the dirty dishes in for another cycle. So, you need to put in “just the right” amount of dishes. If you notice that a pot is blocking the path of water spray don’t put it in. Make sure to arrange the dishes so they are not leaning on one another.

Clean the refrigerator coils

If you look closely you should be able to find coils underneath and behind your fridge. Do you remember the last time you cleaned them? Maybe you have never cleaned them, but you should start doing it! If too much dirt builds up it will take a lot more energy to keep your fridge at the right temperature. If you have any shedding pets, you will need to clean them more often.

Keep the fridge and dishwasher separated

Don’t let your dishwasher sit next to the refrigerator. If you had them fitted by someone who knew what they were doing it’s unlikely they are sitting together, but if you have a small kitchen this may have been unavoidable. All the heat and moisture coming from the dishwasher will mean the fridge has to work a lot harder. If you have no way of rearranging your kitchen, place a thin piece of insulation between the two appliances and do not open the refrigerator door while the dishwasher is running.

Do you have any money or energy saving kitchen tips to add?

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