Redbox Reminder

If you have a redbox near you at a McDonalds, Walmart or Walgreens here’s what you do.

Find a redbox near you.

Pick the movie, enter your name, email address, and credit card.
Then enter promo code – Try any of them.  There are more codes here.

  • BETTERINBLU  (.50 off Blueray rental I think)

You only need one code per movie and can only use one code per transaction. So only get one movie at a time. and DONT FORGET to RETURN it the next day. If you don’t return it the next day, you will be charged $1 for each day you kep it out. I think the return time is 7 pm but it will say on the redbox or the receipt you get in your email box. They don’t print out a receipt just send you an email.


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