Rebates for Caregivers

The Caregivers Marketplace is the nation’s first free program specifically designed to offer cash back on products not typically covered by insurance or Medicare. We work with leading manufacturers to negotiate cash back on carefully selected products and services that you need to keep your loved one well cared for, healthy and most importantly, home.

Products eligible for cash back include nutrition, digestive health, incontinence, bathing and skin care, and aids for daily living. We do not sell products. We simply make it possible for you to receive cash back on products you may already buy and use.

Complete list of eligible products here. (Cortisone, Balmex, Icy Hot, GoldBond, Kaopectate…..and more)

You sign up, fill out a form, mail in your receipts showing your eligible purchases and they will send you a rebate check for a set amount per item.


  1. trish hundley says

    this is a great program going to pass it along to a few people I know that can put it good use 😉 thanks for finding the real life deals we can all use everyday 😉

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