Real Life Savings – Insurance

Although I save alot of money by using coupons and looking for discounts, I also know that there are ways to save money in real life in every area.  One area is our insurance.

Recently I took an hour and met with our insurance agent to review our home and automobile policies.  It was very informative and definitely worth my time.  It did not feel like a sales meeting. Instead, I could tell the agent was really glad to spend the time educating me on our insurance plan.

Here are a few of the things I learned:

Everyone should review their policy with their agent periodically.  By going through my policies line by line, I found one area where we were paying for coverage we didn’t need.

It’s better to find out what coverage you have BEFORE you need it.  By reviewing our policies, I found out several things that were already covered that I didn’t know about.  I also discovered that there were several areas where we need to make a few changes – not spend more money on coverage but rearrange what we already are spending.

We need to document the items we have in our house so in the case of a home disaster we would be prepared.  (pictures of items, model numbers and brands).

It is better to meet with your insurance agent before you need them.  That way when you need to make a claim you already know who you are dealing with and can feel confident that you are prepared.

Thanks to Jack Williams, State Farm Agent in Danville KY for taking the time to review our insurance policies and give me valuable information.

***I receive no compensation, perks or discounts for posting this information.  I am not in the insurance field and am solely passing on this tip based on my own ideas and experience.


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