Printable Financial Checklists

Are your personal and financial records in order?

What documents do you need to keep? Where? How long? Are your records easy to find? What if you had a serious accident tomorrow? Could someone you trust step in and temporarily handle your financial affairs, even if it’s just to pay your bills? Could they easily find the personal and financial records they’d need to settle your estate?

Or, would they find a jumble of unorganized records scattered throughout your house? At your attorney’s office? In your safe deposit box?


Earlier this week I found this site that focuses on seniors (Todays Seniors) and those approaching retirement, but the printable documents are exactly what I needed. I didn’t print all the documents: I just picked the pages that pertained to me, put them in a noteook and started filling in the information.

I’m nowhere close to being organized…. but at least I’m trying.

What about you? Are you an organized diva with all your financial records neatly typed and organized? If so, what’s your secret? I’d love to hear!


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