Organizing School Memories

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  1. Kayelynn says

    OMG…. Great minds Must Think alike is all I can say.. I was planning on doing this as soon as school was out.. Its a great Idea. and I love the thought of having papers left from childhood.. Especially preschool and Kindergarten.. !

  2. says

    I have portfolios with all my kids work. Thinking of taking a pic of each piece and making a virtual portfolio as well. Thanks for sharing!! It’s important to save their work!!

  3. says

    OMGoodness! I love this! I started scrapbooking when my son was born but got off track on his 7th month page (was trying to do one for each month with the milestones and such)… he is almost 9 now! This binder idea would help curb my perfectionism I think and make it much faster and easier! Thanks!!


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