Organization for the Disorganized Family

Organization for the Disorganized Family
Disorganized family? Every home has problem organizational areas. Many houses seem to be close to showroom quality, but when you open a closet or pantry door you’re met with chaos and crashing. It’s a widespread human condition to be at least a little disorganized somewhere or other, but disorganization can lead to stress, and can start to affect other areas of your life. If you’ve got some problem areas in your rental home, there are some foolproof steps that you can take to ensure your most chaotic spaces get taken care of. This can help you feel more accomplished, and turn your disorganization into household harmony in no time.

Shed Clutter

Any clutter in your home is going to undermine your efforts to become more organized. Even the smallest appearance of clutter can discourage you from your focus on structure and organization, and cause you to slip back into old habits. Eliminate clutter by doing an inventory on what you need, then come up with a plan to showcase items that you want seen and hide the rest. Square shelves are great modern looking alternatives to classic shelving, and offer an excellent place to use canvas boxes or cupboard doors which create a unique look instead of constantly seeing your own odds and ends. If you prefer the classic look of a stand-up bookshelf, consider using curtains which can both brighten your room, and hide unseemly items from guests.

Entry Way Ideas

Entry ways can be one of the most cluttered areas of the home. Employing a shoe rack is the first step to ending entry way clutter and getting shoes off your floor and out from underfoot. Door hanging shoe racks are great for those who lack closet space for shoes, or for large families. Using interesting second-hand hooks and shelving can give you a great option for putting coats, backpacks, keys and more up and out of the way.

Bathroom Solutions

Keeping a bathroom organized and clean is one of the most challenging spots in the house. To avoid a messy appearance, get a bathroom drawer set. This will help you to utilize what counter-space you have, while keeping the appearance of an organized bathroom. It’s also much easier to tidy and wipe counters when they’re not full of accessories and toiletries.

Most of all, organization means creating an entirely new set of disciplinary skills and requires patience. Be kind to yourself and allow time to get used to your new habits. Organization is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it keeps your family safe from preventable accident or injury, and it can definitely start to spread to other areas in your home.

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