Sync Earmuffs for Ipod Review

Music is a part of our life. But when we’re out in noisy environments we often can’t enjoy listening to our favorite tunes. I contacted Howard Leight and received a set of Sync Ear Muffs from Howard Leight.

Sync (Headband)

Most stereo earmuffs provide some level of hearing protection. But often sacrifice sound quality for attenuation. That’s why we created Sync, the latest innovation in passive hearing protection for active lifestyles. It’s a stereo earmuff that’s in Sync with proper levels of hearing protection, high-fidelity sound and your ability to listen to portable audio devices safely at work – and at home.

With these earmuffs, we can listen to our ipod music while we are mowing the yard. I was planning to use them while we mowed the yard this week, but the weather in KY is on its own schedule and we have had a deep Fall with cold weather. Our neighbors would think us nuts if we went out to mow right now. So I can’t wait till Spring to mow the yard and try these out.

We have used them in the house to see if they have a good sound and have been really impressed with the quality of the sound while still muffling out the noise around us. I love the fact that you don’t need batteries for the earmuffs. You just plug in your music device and you’ve got music!

The padding around the ear muffs is good and feels comfortable on your head.

I received a free pair of earmuffs for the purpose of this review.


  1. Dahbou says

    These look really nice. If I’m lucky enough to win, I think my son will like them a lot. He lives in a dorm and can listen to his music without hearing everyone else’s, too!

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