My opinion of Freeflys

Many people have been talking about Freeflys, which is supposedly a great place to get freebies and samples. If you have used Freefly and had great experience with it, I’d love to hear.

Several years ago I signed up and tried it out but wasn’t impressed. So yesterday I decided to try again.

Here’s what I found:

After you sign up for free (no credit card needed of course), you are guided through a series of pages where you must say yes or no to offers. I said no to ALL of them and moved on through them. (I counted 8 pages before I got to the list of sample offers.)

Once I got to the free offers the very first one for free full size Snuggle would have required me to fulfill a list of requirements. The 2nd offer took me to a facebook page where I couldn’t even find the free sample offer.

So, will I go back to Freeflys? Probably not. Do I recommend you to try it out? Maybe. Maybe there’s a great treasure of samples and free offers that I just missed. I’d love to hear your experience.

***Just be very careful before you agree to try out an offer. Check the fine print to make sure you haven’t agreed to something you don’t want to pay for.


  1. says

    I am so glad you posted this! I am also a non-fan of freeflys and am baffled over all of the good press they get. I am a new GFC follower from the weekend hop! I would love for you to stop by to say hi & return the follow! :)

  2. says

    Sorry but i don’t have anything good to say about them. I have been signed on quite a long time as in a few years and have not recieved anything. So BEWARE.

  3. Di says

    Thanks for the info- I just saw them on the sidebar of FB & was wondering if would be worth it- guess not!

  4. Sally Trante says

    I love Freeflys! I have received so many freebies thanks to this site. Freeflys doesn’t send the products themselves, they’re essentially a directory of the freebies that are available so people need to request each individual freebie they want. I particularly like the beauty samples the best. I have been able to try a ton of new shampoos, creams, make up etc… without having to pay. One of my favorite sites!

  5. says

    I tried using freefly and was impressed with their “freebie” offers until I received skincare items where you are led to believe you only have to pay for shipping and for that they need your credit card number. That is when you get yourself in trouble. I was charged full price for items along with being enrolled in their autoship program. I wasn’t aware of this until my credit card was charged and by that time, your trial period is over and you are expected to pay for the products because afterall, you signed up for all this. They make sure the terms are hidden so you do not see them and you think you are getting them for free when in fact you are getting yourself in debt. You actually have to search diligently for the terms as they are at the very bottom of the page. Over $300 was charged to my credit card and it is very difficult to get a refund. There are countless companies out there doing this I was shocked to see. Shame of this website for allowing these bottom feeders to advertise on their site with the pretense that they are legimate. They are a scam and should be arrested for stealing money from innocent hard working people. If something is advertised as free, do not ever pay for shipping. They are after your credit card and once they get it, they take full advantage of you.
    I hope this info helps. I wish someone had warned me.

  6. New user says

    Thank you for this post! I was about to sign up, but definitely learned from these posts. So glad I found your site before getting spammed

  7. Jeena says

    Obviously Sally Trante works for the company and indeed got paid to write that comment as she knows exactly how the company works. She’s probably the one behind all these horrible scams against good hard working people!

  8. Marianna says

    I was curious about this as well. I almost signed up but then realized that the page where I give out my information to register was not secure. No thanks!

  9. Weavre says

    Kept seeing this site pop up and never clicked on it because it screams “spam” to me, and a trial-size anything isn’t worth clicking through an hour’s worth of “offers.” I finally decided to see if that perception was accurate, and the reviews I’ve found suggest it is; the people who like it, who I know don’t work for the company, tend to be people with hours to spend clicking through pages and less money to buy products directly, so apparently they eventually get their samples. But I’m not signing up.

    I have used some companies’ direct free samples pages, such as P&G and Walmart, and they’re a bit more straightforward: give your address and get a trial size of something they hope you’ll buy from them in quantity later. (Walmart’s is ; P&G’s is )

    • says

      Thanks for the links Weavre! So glad there are some sites that don’t make you jump through hoops and sign over your first born for a small sample!

  10. Danielle says

    So I was just investigating to find out if Freefly was legit and just noticed Sally Trante’s comment on another review blog and it is word-for-word identical. So glad that I did my research before getting scammed!

    • NateyBaby says


  11. donna says

    I fell for it a month ago. I got 2 “free samples” from Sensa and Auravie. both charged under $5 for shipping and both got me signed up for an auto delivery program and almost $100 from each for the sample. I found the small print for teh Sensa scam and paid $8 to send it back to avoid the $86 monthly charge. I missed the fine print on the Auravie scam until I reviewed my charge card statement and googled the phone number. That was a $97 lesson about free samples. So far, I have not received any other free samples that I have asked for from Freeflys. I will never pay for shipping again since it is just a way to get your credit card number so they can bill you for the free sample!

  12. Caite says

    I really like freeflys! I actually just got some samples today. Ive gotten multiple shampoo samples, prevacid sample, body wash, emergen-c, tampons, pads, a bracelet, and perfume. Its all tiny sample sizes but its completely free so I cant complain. It also took at the least 4 weeks for me to get the samples and at the most so far about 2 months so if you havent gotten anything yet keep waiting it might come! I dont like that half the offers dont work out but if you stay with it you can find some nice samples.

  13. buffy says

    I saw an ad for this in my facebook feed and was intrigued and went to google to search for more information and as i typed freeflys, “freeflys scam” showed up, which led me here. Thanks for the heads up.

    When I do buy beauty products, I go to, they almost always send a sample with whatever i buy and sometimes it is a little bag with a bunch of samples. I’m going to try out P&G now too, thanks!

  14. says

    I’ve been skeptical about signing up so I decided to do research and decided to not go with them.

    I have always loved {link removed} in which the guy that writes the blog hunts down completely free offers and provides links as well as any instructions (such as like them on facebook, blah blah.)

  15. STELLA.DALLAS says


  16. says

    Just another fake promise, the only thing I get free is when I go to the grocery store and it says buy one, get one free, but that Freeflys is like that job that advertises Mystery Shopper, its all bull crap.

  17. Melissa says

    Freeflys works fine and there are plenty of samples that don’t require a credit card. I’ve got tons of things completely free. If you’re dumb enough to give anyone your credit card info then You deserved to be scammed, it’s not the websites fault, it’s yours.

  18. betty says

    i am not being paid to post this. i do use freeflys and i can honestly say they are not bad. U just have to read the requirements and why would u give them a credit card when u sign up for “free samples”… I have been getting free samples usually 1 or 2 times a week. a lot of the samples just redirects me to a facebook page where all u have to do is like the page. Read before signing up. All u have to do is read and you will understand it.

  19. says

    I joined and now it won’t let me submit. It tells me I am not registered and when I try to register it tells me I am all ready registered.

  20. Courtney Bandish says

    I agree with this article and I think it’s hilarious when ppl rave about how wonderful freeflys is. I tend to think these ppl are freeflys employees myself.
    For one thing, you have to go through tons of annoying questionairres filling out personal information along the way. It’s all just a trap to get you to give companies your email address. How do you think freeflys makes money? They get paid by these companies simply for getting naive ppl (especially women) to disclose their email. From then on consider that email address spam central. You may as well sign up for a new email address!
    The second thing I’d love to point out I’d that these supposed free samples, offers and coupons themselves (if you are lucky enough to even get them) are ridiculous and pathetic. For instance, a woman may get a “free sample” of a new perfume that is coming out. This “free sample” is generally no different than a scratch and sniff sample you get from a magazine! You might actually get lucky and get a free trial size of shampoo and conditioner for Garnier Fructis but let me warn you: if you have thick, long hair like mine you will need at least three of these samples just for one hair wash/condition! So are these pathetic samples worth it? Depends on the person. If you love anthing free, don’t mind wasting time filling out surveys and love getting spam emails on a regular basis then by all means, sign up! You never know, you might get lucky and receive a trial package of 3 Kotex or a tiny, bite size granola energy bar sample. Or you might just get a whole lot of nothing! May the odds ever be in your favor!

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