Money Saving Idea – Clear the Counter

Today’s Money Saving Idea: Improve your Home – No Money Required
My #1 suggestion to make your home a better place – Clear out the Clutter that is piled on your counter! If you can’t see your counter, bookshelf or TV stand because of all the STUFF – you’ve got too much! When my counter is clean, my life feels manageable and under control. It may not last long, but that feeling of open space is worth far more than anything money can buy!

Got an idea to save money that doesn’t involve a coupon? I’d love to hear!


  1. Susan Updike says

    My worst clutter spots are my pantries. I cleaned them out the other day and reorganized. I “found” seven large bottles of ketchup…. Holy moly!!!

  2. Kimberly says

    I hate clutter! Our goal is to throw away or donate at least 2 items every day for one year. We did that, and more, last year and it felt great!

  3. says

    Hey! Have you been to my house or something?? This desk, tables beside it, laptop stand….under my desk and the floor beside me is despicable!! I need some serious help clearing the clutter from around me.

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