NBPR rebates!

What is a NBPR Rebate? No Beer Purchase Required.

**Just a note: We don’t drink or purchase beer; but if a beer company wants to send me money for buying my groceries, I personally don’t have a problem with that. If this is something you don’t feel comfortable with, just skip on….. Thanks!"

If you live in KY (or a list of about 11 other states – TN is not included in most of these offers), you can submit your receipts showing that you have purchased particular kinds of groceries (produce, salad, ice, meat, salty snacks…..) and then request a rebate!

In the past year, I have received several checks from beer companies for purchasing my groceries. I have never seen these forms in the store, but just purchased another rebate forms on ebay.  Each of the forms cost around $1.00 and will give me back a rebate of between $6.00 – $10.00.

  • Just login to your ebay account.
  • Do a search for NBPR (no beer purchase required) rebate
  • Look at each rebate result.  Make sure you check carefully to make sure it is valid in your state.
  • Read the fine print carefully. Most of the rebate forms require you to have your receipt AND your upc barcodes for the products.

This is one way I save money when buying meat products.

***There is also a rebate form available right now for summer supplies (like ice, chips, coke products, pool products….)

Have you ever gotten a No Beer Purchase Required rebate?

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