Leftovers for School Lunch

Do your kids take their lunch to school? We have these nifty divided plates that we ordered last summer. After supper, if there are leftovers, we will often go ahead and pack them with the leftovers so they’ll be ready for the next day’s lunch.

Fajitas, bean burritos, tacos….. These all make great lunches for my daughter to take to school! They fill her up. They’re tasty and we don’t have to cook or buy something extra.

Got any great tip for school lunches? I’d love to hear!


  1. Starr Bragg says

    I send a lunch for Katie to home school group and when she goes to her Granparents’ houses (while I work). I use a lot of leftovers and turn them into “wraps”. There a lot of different types and flavors of “wraps” to be bought. If I do make her a sandwich – I try and stamp it with a print – or give it a fun shape (use big cookie cutters). There are some sites (Hostess for one) that have fun notes/jokes that you can print off (for free) to put in your childs lunch. Think fun! : )

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