Last Minute DIY Sticker Sheet Valentines

Easy, last minute DIY Valentines from sticker sheets

Valentine’s Day is Friday and you haven’t bought Valentines for your child to take to school? Oh, the horror! What should you do? Head to the pile of stickers you have in the house and either make the scrapbook sticker Valentines I posted the other day, or make these fun sticker sheet Valentines.

How to make sticker sheet Valentines

I have made these as easy as possible!

Supplies needed:

  • Full sheets of stickers
  • Scissors
  • Card stock paper
  • Stapler
  • Sharpie or kid-friendly markers

If you happen to have Dora the Explorer stickers or Monster’s Inc. (or any googly eye) stickers, you can download the templates I created for those sticker sheet Valentines: I A-Dora You Valentine or Eye on You Valentine. If not, download the blank Valentine and create your own fun saying. Get the kids involved and have them brainstorm ideas.

I've got my eye on you Valentine - sticker sheet toppers I A-Dora you Valentine - sticker sheet toppers


  • Print the sticker sheet topper template on card stock paper.
  • There are 4 toppers per page. Cut out all four.
  • If you’ve printed the blank template, add a fun saying to the blank space.
  • Fold the toppers in half.
  • Staple to the sticker sheets.

Easy, last minute DIY Valentines from sticker sheets

Let me know if you create any of these, I would love to hear what you came up with!


  1. says

    Stacey, nice crafts. I’ll send it to my special lady and tell you how it goes. Just kidding. I’m a little old for this!

    One saving tip I have found for Valentine’s Day, though, is that shopping locally, rather than at the massive companies serving the whole country, tends to be a cheaper to get Valentine’s Day deliveries.


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