How to Merge Your Closets after Marriage

If you and your spouse did not live together prior to marriage, then you are currently looking for ways to merge your belongings.  A bedroom closet can be a difficult thing to share, but not all couples have the luxury of two closets or huge walk-in closets in their bedroom.  This may cause some disagreements!  Here are some ways that you can share a closet and keep the peace.

Out with the old

Before you try to hang all of your items in your newly shared closet make sure to go through your belongings and throw out (or donate) anything that you haven’t worn for the past year.  If you haven’t worn it in that amount of time, you aren’t likely to wear again any time soon.  This will help free up some space.

Store out-of-season items

In the spring and fall, remove items from your closet that you will not be wearing for the upcoming season.  This will make room for items that will be needed.  You can store your out-of-season clothing in containers under your bed, in the attic, or the basement.  For example, in the spring my husband will remove long sleeve work shirts, lined pants, winter boots, and cold weather running gear.  He keeps them in a bin in the basement and brings them back out in the fall.

Double Closet RodDouble your room for hangers

Most men do not have any clothing that have an extended length in their closet.  So, for part of the closet you could add a double closet rod.  This is a rod that hangs from your current closet rod and uses the vertical space of the closet.  The one pictured here is from Bed Bath and Beyond and costs $14.99.

 Choose hangers wisely

Now that you have made more room for your hangars, make sure that you are using the appropriate hangars for your space saving needs.  There are numerous options.  Real Simple (sold at Bed Bath and Beyond) have three great ideas:

  1. These are their Slimline hangers that are $9.99 for a set of 12.  They have built in hooks and an accessory bar allowing for more options.  These take up much less room that your standard bulky plastic or wooden hangers.
  2. The Slimline swing arm pant hangers hold 5 pairs of pants each and are $9.99 for a set of 2.
  3. The 4-Tier skirt hanger holds up to four skirts or pants and has an accessory ring for hanging belts, scarves and ties.  These space-saving hangers sell for $7.99 each.

These are just a few ideas that can help you and your spouse with sharing a closet.

Do you share a closet with your spouse?  If so, how do you keep the peace and your favorite pieces of clothing?


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    We have been lucky in always having had two closets available, and hubby has always been kind enough to take the smaller or less convenient one so that I would be comfortable with all my stuff! The only time we have to share a closet is on vacation, and we manage to work that out because we don’t bring too many clothes.

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