Golden Filly Review

Recently I received a copy of Golden Filly Collection 1 by Lauraine Snelling from Bethany House Publications.

This is Collection 1 which includes books 1 – 5 in the series:

The Race
Eagle’s Wings
Go for the Glory
Kentucky Dreamer
Call for Courage

This is the story of Tricia Evanston who has grown up helping her Dad raise and train thoroughbred horses. They have a special father/daughter bond. But as Tricia trains for her first race, Hal Evanston is diagnosed with cancer. These 5 books tell the story of commitment, love, loyalty and show a growing relationship that Tricia develops with God as her dream of becoming a jockey and her father’s illness cross paths.

The books are not always easy reading but there is such a strong theme of triumph over tragedy that they make for a compelling story. My daughter is 6 and loves horses. These books are much too old for her to read right now, but I’m saving this series for when she gets older.

The love for horses and the daily care and process of training for the races makes for a great book for horse lovers.

You can order Golden Filly Collection 1 from Amazon or request it at your local library.

***I received a free review copy of this collection for the purpose of this review.


  1. Trish Hundley says

    I have these books and recommend them for anyone 😉 they are geared for teenage years but I am in my 30’s and love them. But then I am a sucker for horse stories…also love the Thoroughbred series by Joanna Campbell…

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