Recycle Bank – bonus points

Click here for 100 bonus points. You just scroll down and click on the back to school tips. Then it will award you points as you keep moving down the page.


Have you joined Recycle Bank yet?

This is a rewards program where you enter points and codes and then redeem those points for coupons. I just got a coupon for a free Mcdonalds oatmeal in the mail. I have also gotten coupons for CVS, Right Guard DO, free coupons for Seventh Generation cleaner and Kashi Cereal over the past 2 years. 

After you sign up, click on the Earn Points tab. You will see a video and quiz option for the “Lifecycle of a Cereal Box.” Once you watch the video, you can take the short quiz and earn 25 points.

The coupons available change regularly.  Once you start accumulating points, click on "Get Rewards" and you can browse to see what coupons are available right now. 

Have you gotten any coupons from Recyclebank? What’s your favorite?


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