Don’t pay for in-app smurfberries!

Update: I posted this several times in the past, but today I was talking to a mom who lets her kids play games on her ipad/iphone. This is something you need to read if your kids love to play with your tech devices!

This weekend I saw how important it is to disable the option to make in-app purchases. My 3 year old niece was successfully able to purchase $69 of Smurfberries in the FREE Smurf game. Not a good thing!

So if you or your children play games on a mobile device, please take the time to turn that option off!

There are tons of FREE apps for kids and adults available on the ipad, itouch, iphone etc…… Many of these FREE games give you the option of spending real money to buy ‘shells, bucks or smurfberries’ to build the game faster or enhance your game experience, but  I NEVER spend money on these games!

****I highly suggest you disable in-game purchase ability.  This will keep you from accidentally clicking on something that costs you real money. 

Go to Settings.
Click on General. 
Click on Restrictions. (You will need to enter your passcode that you set up)
Go down to In-App Purchases and click OFF.

Here is a step by step guide with screen shots to help you with this process.

What about you? Have you ever accidentally paid for ‘smurfberries’ or another in-app perk?


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing! Our girls are getting old enough to want to play on our phones. It never occurred to me to disable apps so they can’t buy things. Makes sense.

    Thanks for joining us at the I ♥ Blogging Hop! I’m a new follower of your blog. I’d appreciate it if you’d visit A Helicopter Mom and follow me back.


  2. J Dell says

    You can disable, or better yet…don’t share your itunes password with children. My account requires a password for every purchase and/or download. So even free apps are unable to be downloaded by my 4 year old son. It is impossible to make in app purchases if you have a password protecting your account.


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