Box Tops for Education

If you have school kids, you probably already know about this. If not, here’s something to think about. Box Tops for Education is a program that donates ten cents to the school of your choice for every box top collected. There are tons of products with these box tops. (Hamburger Helper, Kleenex, betty crocker brownies, fruit snacks, Fiber One bars)

All you have to do is cut them off the product and save them. Check with your school system or look here to find a school that participates.

My kid’s school, Hustonville Elementary, collects the box tops. They earn over $1,500 every year just from their students and families saving the tops from the boxes. Our school even has contest several times a year to help remind the students to save the box tops.

It’s great to save money for my family, but I love it when I can help out my school without costing me anything extra.


  1. Stephanie Luttrell says

    my husband is crazy about saving these things. but since we homeschool, they do us no good, but he gave them to his mom who teaches at a christian school. when we last counted, we had almost 400 and they were all still good. and now we have started over. what is that, $40 – wow!!!


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