CVS Updated Coupon Policy

Danville CVS has updated their coupon policy. I just talked to the Danville CVS store manager to get some questions cleared up. Since we shop and interact with the local store, managers and cashiers and not corporate headquarters, I am going to honor what I was told by our local manager.

I have also just spoken with CVS corporate office and was unable to get a printed coupon policy. CVS corporate office will not give a printed coupon policy. I’m not sure why that is. The CVS customer service lady I spoke with did not give me permission to post her name or any identifying information. She told me that she is not allowed to give any information to post on blogs.

In a nutshell…..

No expired coupons. (Danville will accept Expired Extra Bucks; but to be safe just make you use them before their printed expiration date!)

1 coupon per item (includes buy one get one free and $ off). This means that you can no longer use a buy one get one free coupon in addition to a $cents off coupon in the Danville store.

Other CVS stores may well have a different policy in regards to BOGO coupons and $cents off, but this is what is currently in place in Danville.


  1. Annettte says

    Whoops I posted on the wrong topic – Did they tell you why they were making this change, just curious.

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