CVS Basics

There are several new readers who are wanting to try to shop at CVS but have questions. So if you are getting Facebook questions from your friends who want help with CVS….. just send them this link.

CVS has its own kind of currency called Extra Bucks. They print on the end of your receipt and are used just like cash. Each week CVS will advertise different products that are the specials of the week. Only the advertised special product will generate extra bucks. BUT you can use the extra bucks that print on your receipt for ANY other product you decide to buy.

For example: This week you can buy EOS Lip Balm for 2.99. You will pay 2.99 plus tax. After you pay for the lip balm, you will get 2.99 Extra Bucks on the bottom of your recipt.

Then you can turn around and do another ‘transaction’ and buy Colgate toothpaste, which is on sale for 2.99. When you go to pay for the toothpaste, just hand the cashier the 2.99 Extra Bucks from your previous receipt and you will pay only the tax! PLUS since the Colgate is also on special sale, you will get another 2.00 Extra Bucks printed on your receipt!

Now you have $2.00 more Extra Bucks to spend. You can turn around again and do another transaction. That’s what I did yesterday. I needed paper towels, so I grabbed a single roll of paper towels which are 1.00 each. I used the $2.00 Extra Bucks and paid only tax.

So for 2.99 plus tax, I got lip balm, toothpaste and 2 rolls of paper towels. Not too shabby!

CVS is like any store. Some weeks there are AMAZING deals….other weeks are just so-so. Each week, I will type up deal ideas so you can see what the special Extra Bucks Deals are. I usually try to keep your total out of pocket cost around $5.00 or less.

Hopefully this will help some of you! Good luck and happy CVS shopping!

****Don’t forget to be mindful of other shoppers. If you do more than one transaction, make sure you step out of line after each transaction and let other shoppers who are just buying small amounts of stuff to go through. This makes everyone happier….and it only takes a few extra minutes!


  1. Lindsay O says

    Does the person at the register get irritated when you do this? I think I might have a hard time, but maybe they are used to it? Are you the least bit uncomfortable? I’m just curious! :)


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