Clothing Women Want Their Husbands to Wear

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Clothing women wish their husbands wouldn't wear

Recently I posted a Saturday Spark challenge about spouses choosing clothes for one another. This is a great challenge for anyone that doesn’t really like the clothes their spouse wears on a daily basis. Let him know you would love to see him in a favorite shirt or that you find her sexy in that little black dress. This challenge got me thinking about what clothes women really want to see their husbands wearing. Is there a common list of clothing we find appealing on our man? So, I headed to this month’s anonyMRS contributors to see what they had to say.

What do women hate to see their husbands wearing?

Certain outfits make us cringe

  • Osh Kosh B’Gone! “He wears overalls to work and everywhere else. I hate overalls,” laughs one anonyMRS. “They make him look like a hillbilly.” Another contributor said she doesn’t like her husband’s “super-faded, baggy carpenter jeans! They’re so ugly and make him look chubby.” It seems that others would agree: “[I can’t stand my] hubby’s baggy jeans; the baggy style is not my fave.”
  • Cosby sweaters One woman’s husband loves sweaters. “Not just any sweater. Think ugly 80s sweater. Yuck! I understand my husband is a geek but his attire doesn’t need to scream nerd.” Another says her husband wears “an ugly orange/red hockey sweater, and he hates hockey!”
  • Stick to the real designers! One woman said her husband “cut the sleeves off an old Fleetwood Mac t-shirt and wears it like it’s his security blanket.” If you aren’t a clothing designer, there may be a reason!

What men shouldn't wear

Even the little things matter

It isn’t just the shirts and pants we seem to find issue with, it is also the accessories! Shoes, socks, underwear, hats—you name it, women notice.

  • A no-no? Tall socks with shorts. “I don’t care for the way he bunches them up right above his shoes,” says one contributor “looks a bit dorky!”
  • Holey clothes Batman! One anonyMRS said she doesn’t like when her husband wears “ratty socks with holes in them. Yuck. Throw them away already.” Another mentioned the unmentionables: “My husband wears boxers that are so worn out and full of holes that it looks like he’s wearing a loose g-string.” Great mental picture, right?
  • Only have eyes for you! “My husband used to wear these awful, huge, yellow lens sunglasses that I just hated! Thankfully they fell in the lake,” one contributor added.

So, what do we wish he would wear more?

Don’t worry, all is not lost. The anonyMRS contributors also let us know what they would love to see their husbands wear more often! Here is the list they came up with:

  • “Nice, dark jeans that actually fit”
  • “I wish he would wear tighter jeans.”
  • “I love the look of a plain grey t-shirt and jeans.”
  • “Dress pants with a nice shirt he has that I like.”
  • “I wish he’d wear more form fitting jeans and polo shirts. I like preppy!”
  • “I wish he’d wear more casual clothing! I know his job requires him to be in some sort of button up shirt but a regular t-shirt and jeans looks sexy on him.”

What should we take away from this? It seems that the anonyMRS like their men to wear clothes that fit. They also like them to wear something different…don’t always fall back on your favorites…switch it up. A great piece of advice? ASK! If you don’t know what your wife would like you to wear, ask her. I bet she would love to tell you her opinion!

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Do you agree with the anonyMRS? What clothes do you wish your spouse would wear? What do you wish would find its way to the garbage?

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  1. says

    I agree on all of these counts! I like my husband to wear nice clothing that fits properly and has no holes or stains. If he’s working outside, the last two are fun, but if we are out, I want him presentable! :)

  2. says

    I am just loving this series {yeah, I said it again – but I do!}… I agree with the list too. I always see hubby dressed in button-ups and khakis for work and LOVE when he puts on a nice pair of jeans and a tight tee! 😉


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