Christmas Storage “Tips”

Of course we all save all the Christmas gift bags, boxes, tissue, bows already.   But here’s a few other tips on storing your Christmas decorations.

Tip #1:  Pack the bags and wrapping items with your decorations.  That way they will all be in one place so you won’t have to wonder where you hid them last year.  You also won’t have to trip over them in your closet everytime you go to wrap a birthday present from January to November.

Tip #2: Store each string of lights in their own ziploc bag so they won’t be twisted in a knot next Christmas.

Tip #3: If you store your decorations in rubbermaid totes, label the # of boxes so you won’t forget any decoration items next year.  I have each tote labeled "1 of 4",  "2 of 4" etc.  That way next year I don’t have to guess how many boxes I have.

Tip #4: Remove batteries from any special ornaments, decorations or toys that will be stored till next year.  My mother in law almost lost a very special decoration because the batteries had leaked inside while stored in the attic.

Tip #4: Plain rubbermaid work just as good as specialized red totes.  Why in the world should I go buy special colored totes just so they look prettier when I put them in the attic?   Hmmmm….

Tip #5:  I’ve heard that some people save their egg cartons to store delicate decorations but have never tried it.  Seems like a good idea though.

What other tips do you have for storing seasonal decorations? 


  1. Melonie says

    I pack my fragile Christmas ornaments in leftover popcorn tins. I hate to throw them out since they are so decorative! They stack 2 or 3 high easily. I use my leftover Kroger sacks to wrap each one individually. I will sometimes put a layer of empty sacks between ornaments to make sure they don’t get broken. The tins are sturdy enough that they don’t bend or mush to harm the ornaments. I know that ornaments are in the tins…so it is easy to locate them!

  2. Rita Johnson says

    Use the fabric table runners, tablecloths and napkins to lay between the layers of ornaments

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