Checking it off: Organize your Pantry

I don’t have a pantry, but I do have a cabinet that becomes my catch all for food, snacks, pasta and cereal. This cabinet is in need of a serious cleanout. It has been on my ‘check off list’ for sometime. But the other day, I had found a great deal on cereal at Kroger so I ended up with a few extra boxes that needed a home. I took a few minutes and rearranged the items in the cabinet and made room for those boxes.

I keep an empty ramen noodle box in that cabinet that I stock with granola bars, raisins, cracker packs and a few snacks. That way when the kids are ‘snacky’, they can just ask permission to get something ‘out of the box’. It works good for our family.

One of my blogging friends, Kristina just did a pantry cleanout and came up with some other great items for getting her cabinets ready for snacks, lunches and even came up with a system that is helping her stay on track with her diet plan.

Check out Kristina’s tip for making your pantry figure friendly.


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