Checking it off – De-Cluttering

This past week or so we have been painting the inside of our house. That means that every single item in our house is getting moved from one place to another. I have discovered clutter in places that I didn’t realize was there.

My solution to the clutter? As I’m putting things back in place, I am on purpose only putting back some of what was there in the first place.

Do I really need 6 things to make the shelf pretty and homey when 3 will do better? It is so freeing to have a box filling up in the garage of things to be donated or discarded.

What have you checked off your to-do list recently? I’d love to hear!


  1. says

    I finally hung curtains in my youngest son’s room…one room down…2 more to go :)
    We’ve got blinds but for energy conservation and to help cool things down this summer, we’re hanging curtains in all the bedrooms.

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