Checking it off – Coke Rewards

This week, I finally entered all the coke codes for My Coke Rewards that have been collecting on the counter. It only took me 5 minutes but I’ve been putting it off for days weeks.

What did you checkoff your to-do list recently?

Do you collect Coke points? Read here about why this is a great free programs (even if you don’t drink Coke).


  1. says

    Can you believe it I have never done the My Coke Rewards? How long have you done them? I do participate in the Pamper rewards program.

    OK got to go read your post on the coke rewards :) Have a great weekend!

  2. SharonW says

    We have done the Coke points for several years. I let my husband redeem all those points for magazines and the occasional gift card. That keeps him motivated to bring home the coke tops from work :-) See ya!

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