Can I freeze cheese & butter?

I freeze cheese and butter regularly.  Thanks to Elaine for first telling me this was possible!  But what do the experts say?  Does it change taste or texture?  Is it safe for all varieties?

Here’s some answers from the experts:

Philadelphia Cream Cheese   Kraft says:  We do not recommend freezing cheese that will be used for spreading due to a possible change in its texture; it may become curdled in appearance and have a crumbly texture. Regular brick cream cheese can be frozen up to 2 months for use as an ingredient in recipes.
Personal experience: Frozen Cream cheese does change texture but worked fine for me – (both block and spreadable)

Kraft Singles: Individually wrapped KRAFT Singles should not be frozen due to a negative effect on texture and packaging.
Personal experience:  I regularly free individually wrapped singles in the whole pack and haven’t personally had any bad taste or texture issue.  Provolone Cheese slices had a crumbly texture after being frozen.

Kraft Shredded Cheese:  Shredded cheese may be frozen for up to 2 months BEFORE opening.  We do not recommend re-freezing once product is opened and/or thawed. Thaw frozen cheese overnight in refrigerator.  FOR ONCE OPENED CHEESE:  Once opened, cheese should not be frozen.
Personal Experience:  I regularly freeze unopened shredded cheese with great success.

I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter: You may freeze the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! regular tubs and quarters. We do not recommend freezing the following products: Fat Free; Light; Spray, Sweet Cream & Calcium. All other I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! products may be frozen.

Land O Lakes: Butter can be frozen in its original carton for up to four months from the time of purchase. To protect the delicate flavor of butter, wrap the carton in aluminum foil or in an airtight, resealable plastic freezer food bag before freezing. Once the butter has been thawed, it should be used within 30 days.

Bottom line:  If you end up with extra, just freeze it!!!


  1. Shane Davis says

    Kroger has FREE butter??? I missed that one…I’m looking for FREE butter on your site now! :o)

  2. says

    This is so true. I freeze any extra butter sticks and have had no problems. I have also put blocks of cheese in the freezer. On another note: I freeze bread when I buy a few loaves!

  3. Sharon says

    When I make a loaf of bread, the edges of the crust often get too hard for my famiy to enjoy. So they pull off all the crust and leave it on the serving plate. I grind those crusts up and freeze that for meatloaf cracker crumbs. But I’ve never frozen whole bread. I just don’t have space for it yet.


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