Back to Kroger with Coupons in Hand

On Sunday I took my stack of coupons and went to Kroger for the first time in weeks. Life has just been too busy for me to sort through my coupons. I was able to save 56%! I only spent $36. That $36 included 2 packages of chicken, pork loin, coffee, tea, dish and laundry detergent and a whole 2 sacks of other stuff. I was so excited!

So for me, I am officially back in the coupon game. Does it take time? You bet! Is it a pain to find the coupons and match them? Oh yeah! But is it worth it? Without a Doubt!

I have never been extreme and have never obsessed over coupons and saving money. But I have made a decision that a little coupon use is worth my time and definitely helps my ‘bottom line’.

Where are you when it comes to coupons? Burned out? Done? Tired?

I encourage you to grab a few and try to save at least something this week!


  1. Kimberly says

    I used to be so excited to gather up all my coupon and head to Kroger for a cheap shopping trip. Then they quit doubling and tripling the coupon values :( Since it has always been cheaper to shop at Wal-Mart, I’ve gone back over there even though I have to put up with longer lines at times. I hope Kroger realizes they made a big mistake and reinstate the double/triple coupons.