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So much happens in the first years of marriage; there are many wonderful first experiences in addition to many adjustments and compromises. It can be pure joy and yet utter confusion. This is why the Newlywed Survival blog began.

The Newlywed, Blogger, Designer, Developer and Dog Mom

Our Wedding 2009Stacey is the owner and editor for Newlywed Survival. She is always on her computer learning new things and doesn’t think she could survive without the internet! In addition to blogging at Newlywed Survival, she is a freelance web and graphic designer, a loving wife and proud owner of an adorable beagle. Stacey is passionate about the 3-Ds…design, dessert, and dogs (not necessarily in that order).

The Details

The Newlywed Survival blog began after Stacey’s second anniversary. Realizing how many questions she had during the newlywed phase, she wanted to create a place where other newlyweds could come to get helpful information. Topics include creating a home together, planning a budget for two, having a healthy relationship, cooking for two, keeping fit and saving money. She readily admits that she is in no way an expert in any of these topics. This is why Stacey has found others to share their expertise.

A bit of bragging: Newlywed Survival has been named one of the “25 Marriage Tweeps You Should Follow” by Hitched!

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Regular Contributors

Lesli Doares

Lesli is a marriage coach who has been taking her own relationship advice for over 25 years. She blogs regularly at A Fearless Marriage and is the author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage: How to Create Your Happily Ever After With More Intention, Less Work.

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Renee Marchol

Renee lives and works in the SF Bay Area. She wrote about home decor trends for a home lighting online retailer in Santa Monica. Her hobbies includes swimming, 5K mud obstacle runs, tea tasting, and visiting museums. Her writing has been featured in La Chapstick Fanatique, This Messy Business, PB&J Stories and Mix and Chic. You can view her home decor board on Pinterest, tutorials on Squidoo, interviews on SmartyGirlLeadership and tips on SmartyGirlHome.

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