9 Helpful & Budget-Friendly Travel Accessories

These travel accessories will save you some headaches while on vacation and won't break the bank!

Planning a vacation soon? You probably want to spend all of your travel money on the fun things you will see and do on vacation… who wouldn’t? However, minor annoyances can make traveling a bit more difficult than it needs to be. Why not spend a bit of your vacation fund on these helpful and buget-friendly travel accessories? Trust me, they will make your vacation more enjoyable and won’t eat up too much of your budget!

Cool Gear Go-Gear Silicone Travel Containers $12.99

Go Gear

Don’t you just hate when you open your bag to a big shampoo leak? Use these silicone travel containers with a leak proof closure. They have a wide opening for filling and cleaning and come in 3 sizes!

Tide Odor Eliminating Laundry Travel Bag $8.95

Tide Laundry Bag A great way to keep smelly clothes away from your clean clothes when you travel, the Tide Odor Absorbing Laundry Bag stops odors before they spread.

Travelon ID and Boarding Pass / Passport Holder with Snap Closure $9.00

41JOa9i-dBL._SX466_Juggling things while in the airport? Try this holder for easy, hands-free check-in. It holds your boarding pass, passport , ID and travel documents securely around your neck.

Flo Refillable Perfume Atomizer $9.99

Flo Perfume

Want to wear your favorite fragrance but don’t want to pack the whole bottle? Just fill this stylish, travel-ready atomizer with the perfume of your choice. It is so slim it easily fits into your purse so you can touch-up your scent on the go.

Violight VIO200 Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer $30.25


Bacteria, molds, and fungi love the moist environment commonly found in most plastic travel toothbrush holders (yuck!). Bring this along with you on vacation and sanitize your toothbrush every day!

Downy Wrinkle Releaser, Travel Size $5.39


Need to quickly reduce unsightly wrinkles (on your clothes of course!)? Just spray, tug, and smooth – no iron needed. The Wrinkle Releaser relaxes fibers to smooth out wrinkles in seconds and freshens with a light, subtle scent. Plus, it works on dry-clean-only fabrics too!

Travelrest – The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow $26.95

travel pillowNothing worse than waking up drooling on the person next to you on a plane! Try this pillow that inflates in as little as two breaths, and deflates in seconds. It supports your whole upper body so you won’t bother your neighbor.

Samsonite Travel Plug Adapters and Luggage Accessory Set $31.95

travel plug

This accessory set includes many of the things you need when traveling: a manual luggage scale, a TSA 3 dial combination luggage strap, a TSA large dial combination lock and a world converter/adapter plug kit with pouch.

Travel Space Saver Bags $19.96

compression bag

Over-stuffed suitcase? Simply place your clothing, pillows, favorite stuffed animal and other items in these bags and press or roll to compress – creating up to 3X times more space in suticases, RV, autos, backpacks. No vacuum required!

What are your must-have travel accessories?

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    All of these are very important in traveling, especially for me that Travelrest – The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow. I already have Travelon ID and Boarding Pass / Passport Holder with Snap Closure and Flo Refillable Perfume Atomizer,I just bought it last week.

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