5in5now Review

Today I was introduced to another site that lets you join for free, do surveys, enter contests, find coupons, complete assignments and earn money. There are so many of these sites that I really have to think carefully before I start another oppotunity like this. I love websites that let me earn money or points to redeem for prizes and cash but only participate in a select few. This is not one I will be participating in.

You sign up on the home screen with just an email and simple password. Then the “fun” begins. You are taken through a maze of at least 6 screens telling you about all the offers available for you to try. Hmmm….. I immediately became suspicious when I saw these offers and then finally saw the ‘skip this offer’ button hidden at the bottom of the page. After 6 of these screens that I skipped, I finally got to the screen that wants your birthday, address and personal login information.

I have to admit that this is the point where I just closed the screen, moved on and decided this is not something for me – at all. This could be a legit opportunity and there are some of you who many want to check it out. However, always remember to watch carefully before you agree to participate in things too good to be true. There are many websites that promise one thing and deliver something else.

Here is their current promotion.

Win $200.00 by entering the 5in5Now.com Quick Cash Contest. 5 lucky Winners will be announced on April 15, 2012. Enter Now!

(Many times I am asked my opinion about some of these companies and their promotions. I feel that it is a service to you to show you the opportunities but give my Real Life Deals opinion.)


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