4 Simple Ways to Improve your Bathroom on a Budget

A well-appointed bathroom is both a retreat and a top-selling feature of a home. If your bathroom looks tired, old, ugly or out of date, it’s difficult to feel relaxed while enjoying your bathroom – and its lackluster appearance can actually reduce the value of your home.

There are many simple and quick projects that any homeowner can do to improve their bathroom on a limited budget.


The first and best improvement to a bathroom is cleaning. While deep cleaning is hard work, it’s incredibly rewarding because the results can transform the room in a short period of time at almost no expense.

Remove all of your personal items from the bathroom and give it the cleaning of a lifetime. A good cleaning is likely to expose old paint, holes in the walls, missing caulk, missing grout and other small problems.

Be sure to clean your exhaust fan and medicine cabinet, as these tend to get quite dusty over time. Be sure to vacuum the inside of your bathroom cabinet and drawers. Cleaning takes a few hours and it is usually free if you have the supplies and tools on hand.

While you’re at it, take note of any dated towel bars, fittings, faucets, shower heads, cabinet hardware and light fixtures.


Now, it’s time to repair everything you discovered in your deep cleaning. This is likely to include holes in the walls, missing tile and grout, missing caulk and other problems.

Check and repair plumbing problems and line the floor of the cabinet with thin rubber matting that is sold off the roll in home improvement stores. Plumbing repair kits average less than $10 each and take only a few minutes to use, but the results make a big difference in how the bathroom looks and feels.


Paint is often called the most inexpensive and effective remodeling tool for a good reason – it’s like magic. Paint your bathroom ceiling using a paint color several shades lighter than your wall color, as this will make the bathroom feel larger than it actually is.

Neutralize your colored porcelain fixtures by using a neutral gray satin paint on the walls. Finish your cabinet using an espresso colored trim paint. Make your trim pop with crisp white paint and spray paint your exhaust fan cover with white plastic spray paint.

Many bathrooms can be painted for under $50 in a few hours – and you’ll be shocked to see what a transformation a fresh coat of paint can create in a bathroom.


Add new finishes to transform your room – you’d be surprised at what an effect updating your hardware and accessories can have. Install new towel bars, roll holders, outlet covers, switch plates, hardware, fixtures and faucets. All of these projects can be done by anyone with simple household tools.

If you have a worn out vinyl floor, glue it down so that it is flat and level. Select a stone pattern vinyl adhesive-backed tile and use it to cover the old floor. Finish off the bathroom with a new shower bar, curtain and hangers and add artwork to tie your colors together.

A great way to re-use an existing mirror is to glue a picture frame around it using construction adhesive. Add easy-to-install roll-out wire drawers under the cabinet to increase storage spaces.

These upgrades are often only a few dollars and they dramatically improve the bathroom. All of these upgrades can be yours for less than $200 and most can be installed in less than an hour.

Bathroom Before and After

Your bathroom transformation can be just as dramatic for very little money!

The Bottom Line

There you have it, four great strategies to transform your bathroom into a modern, updated, clean space that feels like a retreat. The best part is, you did it yourself for less than $300 and it only took you a weekend. A smart remodeling project doesn’t have to be expensive – it just takes a creative person and a little bit of hard work to make it happen.

Image: Shino


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