Cell Phone Friend Referral Program

If you are planning to sign up for Verizon cell phone service, you should know that Verizon Wireless will reward you for signing up by giving a referral bonus $25 Gift Card to the person who refers you and possibly to yourself for being referred. That’s crazy! It just proves that companies are really wanting our business.

We switched to Verizon last year, so I had my brother put my number in on his referral page. Both of us got a $25 gift card!

So….if you are planning to switch to Verizon (or have signed up within the last 90 days) and don’t have anyone else to give your referral credit to……. hmmmmm, you could email me and I’ll be glad to add you so I could the gift card and you could to. (How’s that for a little advertising? :-)

Verizon Friend Referral Program Information


ATT Refer-A-Friend Program


  1. Dj says

    Um idk if im still eligible or watev but i want 2 try. So what’s got 2 b dun 2 get this.. & do u know if it works w/prepaid 2? Idk jw

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